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Do you have that negative self -talk chattering away in your head from time-to-time – Chatty Cathy or Monkey Mind?

As business owners this can be crippling and result in being held back by these limiting beliefs. These are thoughts that stop owners from progressing because of something that “might” happen – but what if it doesn’t happen? What amazing result or outcome could you be living in? One of pure abundance. Abundance of time, mind, and financial freedom.

Don’t let negativity or fear get in the way of what could be.

  1. If you want to survive, you can’t make excuses.

  2. Don’t complain about a situation, make changes to things you can control – you can improve your life at any time!

  3. Your knowledge is not fixed at any age – you don’t get to a certain age and you know everything. As humans we keep evolving – keep up with changes in your industry, changes in technology and changes to.

Instead of letting chatty Cathy or monkey mind inhibit your progress, here are some tips to change your mind-set and start to focus on success:


Instead of saying “My business can’t survive” say “How can my business survive?”

The first step, if you don’t know already, is to assess your financial position. How are you trading now versus last month or even this time last year?

Work closely with your accountant to review your sales, profits and cash flow.  Further, you also need to consider all aspects of your business such as your marketing plan, business plan and any contingency plans.


Many business owners fail to keep track of their goals when self-doubt starts to set in. They put their head in the sand like an ostrich, leaving their business up to chance – scary!

Revisit your goals, delete some, change some, and add some. Making sure that they are all SMART goals –






A new goal maybe to increase gross profit by 7%. Your action to achieve this goal is to implement a marketing campaign. The marketing plan was a success – but not as successful as you would have liked. You end up with a 2% increase in gross profit. Now your previous negative -mind may have said “well I didn’t reach the goal of 10%”. But the reality is you gained 2% – is that really a fail? Not I anyone’s book – it is certainly better than where you were AND now you can build on your strategy, keep momentum up and build upon what you have started.

Now you have new goals – you need to be accountable. Work with your accountant on these – or even a close ally.


When Chatty Cathy or Monkey Mind overwhelms you, remember why you are running your small business in the first place.

It may be to support your family and give them the best opportunities, or it may be because you have an overwhelming desire to make a difference in the world.

Think of your ‘why’ when negativity is holding you back. Unless you take action, you’ll never produce the results and deliver on the promises you have made yourself.


Everybody experiences negative self-talk at some point in time – or all the time , especially entrepreneurs who are pushing the boundaries.

It can be lonely at the top with no-one to bounce ideas off. To overcome this and the negative chit chat ensure you have a team of cheerleaders around d you. Find people who have industry experience to mentor, people who have successful businesses who can provide support and guidance, your accountant to coach you. You want advice, support, motivation, confidence and empowerment for you to reach your potential. The sky is the limit.

With the right knowledge and education, ANYBODY CAN DO IT.

As well as being on my own continuous journey of discovery, I have helped business owners to achieve time, mind and financial freedom and achieve incredible things.

If you want to access a business coach to help you set goals, to bounce ideas off and stay accountable, you should talk to us.

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