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Nicole Hague


10:30 AM
[New Zealand Time]

Managing Risk - webinar

In recent years, every business has been impacted by change and disruption… and there’s more uncertainty on the horizon. Anticipating and managing potential risk in your business is critical to safely ride out any storm.

In this complimentary webinar, Managing Risk, we’ll discuss the potential risks you need to manage across your entire business, show you how to maintain a Risk Register, and identify mitigation strategies to ensure your business is prepared and protected.

Where we’ll cover...

Learn why risk management is a key business strategy

Understand potential risk across al departments in your business

Discover how to identify, assess, and respond to risk

Learn how to evaluate and prioritise risk based on impact and likelihood

Discover risk management strategies

Learn how risk management helps achieve more business freedom

TIME    : 10:30am
WHERE: Online Zoom

The most important investment you can make is in yourself – you’ll find this webinar exceptionally beneficial for you + your business…

So get in quick + secure your place.

See you there!

Nicole x