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Organisation Review

Are you set up for optimal growth well into the future?

An Organisational Review will help you build a functional organisation chart which visually defines departments, key functions, roles and responsibilities.

In order for a business to run effectively and efficiently there needs to be a clear organisation chart, which visually defines departments, functions, roles and responsibilities. This will help you help you to structure your business so it is more sustainable, scalable, and, ultimately, saleable.

This is true not only for the current structure but also for one that is scalable for future growth. We offer this service to assist you to construct your own organisation chart, giving you clarity of the key functions within your business and who has responsibility for them.

Using a tailor-made approach to the issues you face, we will design an organisational review process to identify the core issues, facts and underlying causes, and make recommendations on the way forward.

What we’ll cover:

  • Discuss the fundamentals to develop an organisation chart
  • Review the steps to create an organisation chart
  • Supply you with a template of an organisation chart to use as a starting point
  • Provide recommendations for you about the next steps for you to develop the first draft
  • Potentially identify greater tax efficiencies