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Welcome to Nicole Hague + Associates

Our firm is values-driven and growth-minded. At NH+A we work as partners with our clients to help them work smarter, not harder. We tailor our service for each client based on their needs + what stage their business is at.

Not your average accounting practice

We do so much more than compliance and tax returns.

It’s the value-added and forward-thinking work that is critical to making good businesses great — not retrospectively looking at the annual accounts and trying to make strategic business decisions based on old information.

We are so firm on this that we don’t work with clients who only require compliance and tax.

Our business model is one of no bricks and mortar, with geography no barrier and technology leading the way. We come to you, meet at a coffee shop or jump on a video call.

Why Choose Us?

30 Years Of Experience

Our team has worked in accounting [and business development] for many years.

Accountants Who Listen

We get to know you and your business before offering advice that’s tailored to your needs.

Regular Contact

Most accountants only reach out at tax time. NH+A are here for you every step of the way.

More Than The Basics

We don’t just give you the ‘what’ of your numbers, we explain the ‘why’.

Here To Help

Work with an accounting professional who genuinely cares about your results.

We Give A $*#!

Your success means a great deal to our team and we  can’t wait to play a part in it.

Making Good Businesses Great


We want to help business owners to be free…

Free to spend time with their families, free of stress and free of financial burdens.

Our Experts

Nicole Hague

Nicole has over 25 years’ experience in Chartered Accounting, including 16 years as a partner in traditional bricks and mortar…

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Like Amy, Freddy understands that health and wellbeing are the foundation stones for success, at a professional and personal level.

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Shiela Vistal
Personal Assistant | Marketing Coordinator

Shiela is a detail-oriented and organised person, takes pride in completing tasks on time with accuracy, and provides quality output to clients.

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