Is your business an attractive proposition to Gen Z talent?

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To be a great business person, you must be a great observer. 

And observe you must!  It doesn’t require much to see the significant shift in the business culture and workforce with the new generation – Gen Z – aka Zoomers – coming through.

Gen Z now make up 24% of the workforce – but is your business culture attuned to the needs of this new generation?

But Generation Z employees – those born in the late 90s and early 00s – are now thought to make up 24% of the workforce. And that means you need to observe, review and evaluate your current workplace culture to reflect the changing values of your Gen Z workforce.

So, what elements of your business should you focus on? And what exactly are Gen Z employees looking for from your company?

If you want to attract Gen Z talent to your business, you’re going to need to offer a culture, mission and company values that reflect their ethics.

As a business owner, It’s very easy to think that your own values are static and unchanging. But the reality is that our social norms, our ethics and our worldview change over time. And each generation brings with it a new outlook on society, and on the world of work.

Gen Z are more interested in equality, diversity, sustainability and enhanced career paths. So these elements need to be factored into your culture and talent strategy.

Here we look at some examples of key ways to attract Gen Z talent: 

For example:

? Flexible and hybrid working –

9-to-5, five days a week is out. Offer the flexibility of working from home on some days, but the social and team benefits of working from the office on other days. If you don’t offer hybrid working, you’re unlikely to attract young, ambitious talent to the business.

? Non-financial perks –  

Its more than an annual salary. The package needs to include everyday, non-financial perks such as free coffee in the office, gym memberships, mindfulness sessions, team social events and annual leave on your birthday all serve to broaden your culture and create a work environment that’s not just focused on profit above all else.

? Green, eco-friendly policies –  

Gen Z workers will want to see you doing your utmost to cut your company’s carbon footprint, invest in green technologies and support a climate-change strategy.

? A positive community to be part of –  

Gen Z employees may be on board with growing your business and achieving your business mission, but they also want to feel like they are part of a wider community. A company that takes an interest in its staff, will create a far greater sense of community, purpose and belonging. Make your employees feel that they’re part of a bigger family.

? Greater responsibility and autonomy –  

Gen Z employees want to learn, grow and move quickly up the corporate ladder, with a desire for extra responsibility and greater autonomy in how they work.

Review and update your company culture 

If your current company culture is not attracting Gen Z talent, it might be time to make a change.

Your people strategy is an important part of your main business model, so it’s important to stay current and to build a culture that’s geared for success across all generations.

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