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This is a rare opportunity to work directly with me on your business and the things that matter most when it comes to  achieving increases profit and improved cashflow for your business that gives you time, mind + financial freedom.

Together, we’re going to work on whatever it is that’s been holding you and your business back.

Too often we hear our clients say they feel like a slave to their business. Your business is there to serve you, not the other way around. Our business coaching session is designed to help you gain control of your business, access a valuable network and unlock your true potential. There are endless ways to improve your results. This is also an opportunity for you to learn best practice in a highly supportive group format with non-competing businesses.

This allows you to take time out of the day-to-day operational activities IN the business to focus ON improving your business.


Don’t take our word for it, meet some of our happy clients…

Nicole’s personal and professional approach to helping our business has not only provided us with a sense of trust, but also appreciation in knowing that Nicole and those working with her have our continued best interests in consideration. Nicole has helped us through tough times, but in doing so has helped our business grow and stabilize without the need to bank account watching and the stress that comes with it.

- Nick Woolley
Kings Swim School

The time never seemed right to have a Budget Planning session, but we trusted Nicole and knew that in order for our developments to be kept on track we needed accurate and up to date information.

Nicole understands our business as well as us the individuals and can adapt as our needs require. Along with the regular reporting to compare our actuals against the budget and the meetings to follow, we are receiving the most up to date information that we base our decisions upon. The non-judgemental and open discussions helped provide us with clarity. NH+A provides prompt service, and returns calls and emails quickly – which is vital for our business.

I can say the value has been huge, we are getting that value back in prompt response time, allowing for us to make quicker decisions. Business owners who want to grow and improve their business should all be doing this.

- Justin McDonald
MON Group Ltd

Four hours seemed like a long time to give up doing a Business Planning session when I could be working. But I had no structure in place and was working hard to sell and list as much as possible. Having discussed the value of the business planning session with Nicole I realised that having a clear structure in place with goals and actions documented would be key to my business success.

From that session I now know what my year will look like and the actions I need to take to achieve those goals, certain areas where my weaknesses are and how we will overcome them so I’m not getting held back. Giving me a road map that’s easy to follow, with business momentum feeling smoother.

The knowledge that Nicole imparted in the session and turning that into a structured business plan – breaking it right down into points I need to focus on to achieve good flow of business has been critical. The benefits of having a Business Planning session are that it makes me want to chase goals even harder, ensuring we have the right structure in place to achieve the big goals and motivation to strive hard every day – every week!

I would 1000% recommend a Business Planning session – it makes you motivated every day knowing you are working to chase the goals for the next year. I have my business plan laminated which I carry around with me and constantly read over. I would highly recommend N|H + Associates – the amount of knowledge, planning, structure, and impact they have already had in my business has been gold and I wouldn’t be able to achieve my goals without having done this business planning session. It’s worth every minute and will take any business to the next level.

- Jack Milligan
Jack Milligan Real Estate, Harcourts Papanui

When we first approached Nicole, she told us that NH+A didn’t have many farming or growing clients, so we needed to work around some of the intricacies around that by spending time with Nicole and Amy and explaining how our business works – they asked lots of questions to gain a better understanding.

We initially engaged NH to complete a comprehensive and objective review of our current reporting systems and wider accountancy management. It was as a result of dealing with Nicole and Amy and their ability to communicate clearly, free of accountancy jargon, that led to us moving our business across to NH+A.

They have a willingness to work with us on specific projects, even at times of the year when they are under pressure. We only deal with one or two people and don’t have to explain our business to a wide range of people whom we don’t have a relationship with.

I can now say the value has been huge as we receive clear and timely communication from NH+A, as well as a clear understanding of our situation and better oversight of tax obligations in advance. For this, we would absolutely recommend NH+A.

- Ben Scott
Scottfresh Ltd

My knowledge of the annual accounts was little and I didn’t understand what the accounts meant or were saying. I have gained a better understanding of my accounts after Nicole sat down with me and went through it bit by bit.

I really like how NH+A thinks ahead for me and my business, so I don’t end up with unexpected bills at the end of the year. I like how Nicole pushes me to learn more about my accounts and now it is one of my goals to understand my accounts and ways to grow my business.

By attending the Annual Accounts meeting I further learnt more about dividends and what that means. I loved the Value Register and finding out where NH+A saved me money and kept cash in my bank for cashflow!

I would absolutely recommend NH+A as they are thorough and always look into the finer details.

- Luke Dalley
Contex Construction Ltd

We had no plan in place before meeting with Nicole and were really just winging it; which was a challenge and obstacle in itself. We were unsure if a Business Planning session would help remove those challenges – and the thought of 4 hours with an accountant didn’t exactly excite us! But the Business Planning session was actually valuable. We like how Nicole presented the information in a casual and easy manor that wasn’t overwhelming. As a result, we’ve got clarity on where we are heading in our business and how to get there.

The Business Planning session helped us put a strategy in place, create tasks to achieve our goals that were manageable and realistic with timeframes.

The session was a fun and engaging way to reflect on and re-set our business for the future.

We definitely recommend Nicole Hague + Associates Business Planning session to other clients.

- Anonymous

“Buying a new business and setting up my business accounting was a challenging task for me, and I was not sure where to begin.

With the help of Nicole and Amy, I was able to successfully purchase and set up my business accounting correctly. I have peace of mind that everything is in order, and I have their support whenever I need it for the business.

Our face-to-face meetings to discuss the purchase were helpful as they provided me with quick answers and ongoing communication, support and knowledge. Along with a plan in place for what’s next and how to go about the business needs.

I would absolutely recommend working with NH+A if you were purchasing a business. It’s great to be in front of who you are working with and express your business’s needs. It was so helpful when we were going through the different values for the purchase etc. of the business and to discuss step by step the implications of various components impact on the final value when purchasing my business.”

- Grace Rowland-Jones
Acorn + Oak Ltd

Nicole Hague + Associates Ltd Annual Accounts service has given me the knowledge and therefore the confidence to dream bigger for my business. Before working with Nicole and her team, I lacked the understanding needed to set achievable goals. They communicate complex financial information into layman’s terms I could understand which meant I could have a better understanding of my accounts.  

What sets them apart is their ongoing support. Having worked with Nicole and the team for a while, now I am getting better and better and more knowledgeable and confident in my accounts. The Annual Accounts Review Meetings have provided invaluable benefits to my business, including clarity, knowledge, inspiration and encouragement.  

I wholeheartedly recommend NH+A’s Annual Accounts services. Their experience and knowledge instill a sense of confidence and trust. They’re very approachable with all things accounts and business/profitability etc. and happy to help, which I really appreciate.” 

- Modi Design Ltd

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